Illuminati Diffusion v1.1


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model_id : illuminati-diffusion

Model Type : Stable Diffusion

Generated Images : 647

Instance Prompt :

Tags : dij

Author : moodyoo935

Please note that the safe range for good gens is between 768-1024 / 1152 for some seeds and prompts / 1280x768 or 768x1280 in rare instances will also work. This seems to be relatively fundamental to SD2.1.

Please see example images to get an idea how to prompt. No specific trigger words are necessary, this is a full finetune.

If you are an advanced user, as always, go ahead and just experiment with negative prompting or other embeds, but please not that this model was trained with offset noise, as such, other embeddings may reduce the quality of the contrast that has been introduced.

Please note that some of the sample gens have SD upscale applied to them, to reproduce, please omit this info when importing into AUTO1111 webui.

Images Generated

Below are the images generated with Illuminati Diffusion v1.1 and its prompt

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Michael Goughmarlonwagemann

Is not working. I changed the note when it's working!