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How to Upload Models from

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How to Upload Models from

In this article, we will look at uploading a model from If you are using Stable Diffusion API and want to use a model that is not on the list of models on the model's page, then this article will help you with all the information you need to upload a model from and use it.

Upload model from

To upload your model click the ‘Upload Model’ button you see on the top right side of your dashboard. It looks like the one below

Once you click that button, you will see a page where you can fill in the details of your model and upload it. It looks like the one below

You can see the different fields in the above image. 

  • Fill the ‘Name’ field with the name of your model
  • If your model needs a trigger word, then give a trigger word in the ‘Trigger word’ field.
  • Choose the base model of your model from the drop-down menu.
  • The ‘Type’ field is about the type of your model. If you are uploading from hugging face you need to choose ‘Huggingface’. Depending on the type of the model, choose this accordingly.

You need to give the download link of your model if you are uploading it from the website. 

To upload a model from follow the below steps to get the download link:

First, open the page of the model you want to upload. Let's say you want to upload this model Cartoonish. Go to this model page. You will see the download button on the right side of the page as shown below.

stable diffusion

Click that button to start downloading the model. Once the downloading process starts go to your downloads page to get the download link of the model. It looks like the below.

The highlighted link in the above image is the download link of your model. Once you copy this link, you can stop the downloading process of the model if you don't need it on your device.

Paste this link in the 'Download Link of Model'. Choose a tag for your model, then give a description of your model in the next step and upload your images in the next step. If your model produces NSFW content, then tick the 'Is for an Adult audience(NSFW).

Finally, click the ‘Upload Model’ button at the bottom. After clicking, you can find the status of your model upload on the ‘API Settings’ page. Click the ‘API Settings’ page. Once you land on that page,  scroll down to see the ‘Billing’ section on the left side. You will see the ‘My models’ tab. Click that to see the status of your model upload. It looks like below

You can see that the cartoonish model that we uploaded is successfully uploaded and is ready for usage. This is how to upload a model from the website. 


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With the step-by-step guide we have provided to upload  a model from, you should now be able to seamlessly use the models from on the Stable Diffusion API platform. 

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