Get Training Status (Sandbox)

Stable Diffusion V3 APIs Get Training Status API gets the status of the dreambooth request from Create Dreambooth Request.

--request POST '{training_id}' \

Make a POST request to '{training_id} endpoint where training_id is the id generated from the dreambooth response

key : Your API Key

Request Body and Example Response

Body Raw
 "key": "",
Example Response
"status": "success",
"messege": "model_ready",
"data": " /n Step:1 Training Started, 5 Steps to go : ETA : 30 minutes /n Step:2 Training Done, 4 Steps to go : ETA : 15 minutes /n Step:3 Model Uploading, 3 Steps to go : ETA : 10 minutes /n  /n Step:4 Model Uploaded, 2 Steps to go : ETA : 5 minutes /n Model loaded successfully"