Create Dreambooth Request (Sandbox)

Stable Diffusion V3 APIs Creating Dreambooth Request API generate image from stable diffusion. Pass the appropriate request parameter to the endpoint

--request POST '' \

Make a POST request to endpoint while passing appropriate request body. Below is a sample of the request body

key : Your API Key
instance_prompt : name of the image
mask_image : link of mask image for inpainting
seed : Number of seed
training_type : training type
webhook : webhook to call when image generation is completed

Request Body and Example Response

Body Raw
 "key": "",
 "instance_prompt": "photo of adhik person",
 "class_prompt" : "photo of person",
 "images": [
 "seed": "0",
 "training_type": "men",
 "max_train_steps": "2000",
 "webhook": ""
Example Response
"status": "success",
"messege": "deploying_gpu",
"data": "it will take upto 25 minutes.",
"training_id": "F5jvdzGnYi"