Enterprise: Upload Image

This endpoint uploads an image to the S3 bucket

--request POST 'https://stablediffusionapi.com/api/v1/enterprise/upload_image' \

Make a POST request to https://stablediffusionapi.com/api/v1/enterprise/upload_image endpoint.

key : Your API Key
base64_image : base64 string of image
image_type : extension or type of image :: png | jpeg | jpg

You need to have your own S3 bucket to use this endpoint
Update your S3 bucket details using the following endpoint

Request Body and Example Response

Body Raw
 "key": "enterprise_api_key",
 "base64_image": "base64 image string",
 "image_type": "png",
Example Response
"status": "success",
"message": "image uploaded",
"image_url": "https://pub-8b49af329fae499aa563997f5d4068a4.r2.dev/generations/551c92b9-d1a0-4a33-86a8-b79ce6325389.jpeg"