Stable Diffusion & Dreambooth API

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Not just stable diffusion API, there are many APIs

Dreambooth API

Dreambooth API

Fine Tune stable diffusion with your own dataset to generate images of your choice.

Stable Diffusion Upscaler Upto 4K API

Stable Diffusion Upscaler Upto 4K API

Stuck with 512x512 images? Scale any image with stable diffusion upscaler upto 4K.

Stable Diffusion API

Stable Diffusion API

Build something new with stable diffusion without worrying about the GPU or server needs.

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I am using stable diffusion in my client projects and it's been a great.

John Cooper - Freelance Designer

man using stable diffusion

We tried to have our own AWS servers, but cost were astronomical, Stable diffusion API is much cheaper and reliable option in the market.

Eddie James - CEO ImagineTools

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The most common questions about Stable diffusion and other APIs

Each dreambooth model is of 3$, you can buy API access credits plan from 8$, 49$ and 149$. These are API access plans. There is no training fee. Only API access fee.

Yes, You can generate images from all public models. or upload your own models as well.

No, Its API which connects to Our GPUs, we do processing for you. So you can generates images in seconds.

Yes, all images you generate have your copyright. Use it as you like or sell as you like.

Yes, right after payment, you will get API keys and all things needed to start.

24X7 support team is available for any issues. Just drop message to support chat on website.


Choose plan as per your needs, cancel anytime.

Dreambooth Model Training Price

You can train stable diffusion on custom dataset to generate avatars.

One Training Cost: 3$ Per Model.
Want to train hundreads of models? 1000 models : 2$, 5000 models 1$ Per training


$9 per month

For Development Purposes

  • 999 Image Generations 🦋
  • No Controlnet APIs 🥺
  • Best for personal or freelance 🤓
  • Average generation time 4s ✈️
  • 5 Req/s Limit 🛫
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$49 per month

For Someone Who's getting started with AI APIs ?

  • 9999 Image Generations 🙀
  • Access All APIs 😍
  • Best for personal or freelance ✔️
  • Average generation time 4s ✈️
  • 10 Req/s Limit 💥
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$149 per month

For someone who needs serious horsepower ?

  • Unlimited - All AI APIs 🤯
  • Unlimited Image Generation 🔥
  • Best for high traffic apps 🚀
  • Average generation time 2s 💥
  • 15 Req/s Limit 😍
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